Dahlia ‘Cafe au lait’


A must have of the Dahlia world!. Blush coffee blooms with delicate variations of pale pink and cream depending on location and aspect grown. A tall variety that requires staking to support the heavy blooms. Light green foliage on a productive plant.
1m x 700mm
Staking Required

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Perennial tuber. In warmer climates (Most of North Island) tubers can be left in ground over winter, In cold climates or aspects with wet soil lifting tubers after first frost is recommended. Tubers can be started in pots a frost free area with good light to prevent legginess until weather warms. Plant out – After all danger of frost has past.

Sun. 1m 60cm

Flower buds are at least half open but before back petals start dropping. Blooms last 4 -5 days in the vase.