2022 Season update, We have now sold out of the majority of varieties.  If you wish to be notified by email of future sales please make an account through the website. 

Dahlia Tubers are available for sale mid winter/late winter.  These tubers are not imported and have had at least one full growing season in my fields to test for disease and any weakness in plants.

Dahlias are perennial tubers. In warmer climates (Most of North Island) tubers can be left in ground over winter, In cold climates or aspects with wet soil lifting tubers after first frost is recommended. Tubers can be started in pots in a frost free area with good light to prevent legginess until weather warms, or stored in a frost free place (ie unheated garage) in dry sawdust until soil temperatures warm.  Plant out – After all danger of frost has past. Plant in full sun in free draining soil.

Please note, popular varieties have a ‘one per customer’ rule.